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Missiles are an effect type, also know as CEffectLaunchMissile.

The "Basic Missile" this article refers to is described here.

Missile screenie 1.png

Auto-Acquire Missile[edit]

The caster simply triggers the ability (without aiming at any enemy), the missiles is launched and auto-targets an enemy.

  • ?

Seeker Missile[edit]

The caster aims at an enemy, the missile is launched and will follow the targeted unit.

  • ? (See Raven's Seeker Missile ability)

Persistent Missile[edit]

The missile launched will deal damage to all units it encounters, without exploding.

  • Based on the Basic Missile, remove the "Suicide" effect from the "Effect - Effects" field of your Set type effect.

Constant Missile[edit]

The missile will always be launched toward a relative point from the caster (for example: always to the North of the caster).

  • Based on the Basic Missile, change the ability to be of a type "Effect - Instant".
  • Under the Launch Missile type effect, just change the "Target - Impact Offset" to coordinates corresponding to the relative you want. For example, straight North for 10 squares from Caster would be (0,10).

Facing Missile[edit]

This missile will always be launched in a straight in front of the caster's facing point.

  • ?

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